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Eye Candy firms, smoothes and brightens the under-eye area with peptides, caffeine, and a gentle retinoid. This eye serum doubles as an anti-aging neck creme.

Eye Candy

  • Tetrapeptide-21- contains proteins that make up our tissues and prevent loss of firmness and skin sagging. Studies show this peptide creates a significant increase in natural collagen production.

    Copper Tripeptide-1 -  accelerates wound healing while reducing fine lines by influencing collagen homeostasis.

    Caffeine- soothes

    Retinyl Palmitate - a slow-release gentle retinol. Smoothes the skin, brightens and improves texture

  • Apply a lentil size amount 2-3 times a week in the evening only. Use a full pump for under eyes and neck. Gradually increase usage every few weeks. Applying 2 times a day may cause irritation, use in the evening only

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